Skill Development Council of India (SDCI) is a connecting platform and an information nexus for skilling, consulting and entertainment. SDCI acts as a thought leader with a mission to create an ecosystem, which could foster the emergence of entrepreneurs, providing management consulting services captivating functional expertise, bringing in "The Nexgen Microplexes" and bridging the entertainment divide across the merging marketsand a highly skilled workforce for various emerging and in-demand jobs in the industry. It articulates the interest of industry, entrepreneurs, academic institutions & youth and manifests it by undertaking initiatives. Our goal is to provide the best possible value and to lead in our market through service and innovation.

SDCI provides the resource, knowledge and support that are vital for developing a highly efficient workforce, ideas, strategies collaborating to cater the needs of corporates and industry. SDCI also acts as the voice of industry, academia and youth to put across their opinions to government, regulatory authorities and the community in order to influence entrepreneurial and employment policies. It organizes summits and conferences inviting industry leaders, government officials and academic experts to discuss issues relating to employment and skill development.

"We are dedicated to and passionate about improving the performance and effectiveness of individuals, leaders, teams and organizations"

Our Areas of Expertise




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